A Conflict of Interests

‘I’m not in the mood.’

He continues kissing her neck. ‘Ah, come on babe…’

‘No. Look, just not tonight, OK?’

His hand strokes up her thigh. ‘Come on…’

‘I said no.’

‘You know you want to.’

‘No, I don’t. Stop it.’

His hand reaches her knickers.

‘I said stop it. John? What are you–?’

He tugs at her underwear. She tries to pull his hand away. He grabs her wrist. She hits him with her free arm. He grabs that and holds both her arms in one tight grip, leaving his other hand free to continue what it started.

‘Stop it. Let me go.’

‘I’ll be quick.’

‘No. Let go of me. Stop it.’

He yanks down her knickers and positions himself. She can feel his erect penis nudging her.

‘Please. Please stop. John? Don’t. Please.’ She is crying now. She can feel him pressing into her. She struggles against his hold. ‘No!’

‘April Fool’s!’


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