Works in Progress

Right now I am working on:


Mother Stands for Comfort

Cathy and Duncan seem to be happily married, pious members of the community but when Cathy’s sister, Diana comes to stay, Cathy starts having surreal dreams whenever there’s a full-moon. As both the dreams and Diana’s visit continue, Cathy begins to behave strangely, to the alarm of her husband.


*               *               *


Also in the works:


Seeded Fruit (Still don’t like this title.)

(11th May 2012  – as good as I could make it. Waiting for fresh eyes.)

Robert idolises women but when he meets Melanie he gets much more than he’d ever dreamed.


A Radio Play About the Apocalypse

(Part way through 2nd draft, discovered major problems with construction. May or may not continue at some point.)

Amanda wakes up, hungover, to find that some kind of apocalypse has taken place. At first she is too afraid to leave her flat but her supply of food won’t last forever.


The First Time

(28th February 2012 – happy with an early draft although I don’t tend to rewrite flash fiction much. May or may not re-read with view to submit.)

A dark flash fiction about a girl’s first period.


The Little Red Bug

(Needs a rewrite but I don’t know which direction to take it in. Might just use concept of adult themes in children’s style for something else.)

Short story in the style of a children’s tale but with some adult themes (and a grisly ending that might make it inappropriate for a young reader). Inspired by a David Attenborough TV programme Life.


The Puddle World

(Wrote first draft for mini NaNoWriMo 2009. Didn’t touch it until 2011 when began typing up and editing. When I’m between projects I’ll finish this process.)

Laura doesn’t have time for childish games but when she falls into a puddle and a strange, misty, watery world, the only way she can get back home is to play her way across the islands. It’s a good job her best friend follows her: all is not as it seems in the Puddle World.


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