The novel is printing

So, hi. It’s been a long time. I did think about breaking my silence with a blog post about pants (that’s downstairs underwear to those of you who think they’re trousers. Trousers are trousers.) In the moment of inspiration, it seemed like a glorious idea – my initially literal discussion of pants would evolve into a deeply revealing metaphor about life, the universe and everything (well, not quite, but there were some intense metaphorical moments in the mix) but, as too often happens, in the cold light of the next day, it didn’t seem so glorious.

But now I have something momentous to report. Well, for me.

Is it my engagement? No – that happened in February.

Is it the fact that I finished the second draft of the novel? No – but it really should have been. That was quite a big moment, right?

No and actually I’ve already given it away, haven’t I?

You know what it is…

The novel is printing.

Why is this a big deal? Well, I finished the second draft in July, took August off with every intention of beginning the editing process in September. September came and went and I didn’t even look at the novel. October…same story. But November is here and for me that means writing time (’cause, you know, NaNoWriMo).

So, yes I’m doing NaNoWriMo, but for me it’s more NaNoEdMo. Haven’t decided on a word count system yet but I do have the beginnings of a strategy:

Step 1: Print (ongoing)
Step 2: Read. In One Setting. (This will be tomorrow after work. It’s going to be a late one.)
Step 3: Jot down overall comments. (This will be tomorrow after I’ve read the whole thing while it’s fresh in my mind. Even later one.)
Step 4: Create action plan based on comments made. (Was going to be Wednesday but turns out I’m out then… Same story for Thursday. Might have to be Friday but that’s my fiance time. So…I don’t know. Saturday, let’s say Saturday.)

Update – the printer just started chirruping at me. For reals. Apparently it chirrups when it’s tired. Earlier it did stop to whine every now and then but it cracked on quite quickly. OK, it’s off again. Hang on in there, printer. You can do it.

But yes, roll on tomorrow after work!

I just hope it’s not as atrocious as I think it is. Or worse. Can you imagine if it turns out to be even worse than I think it is? I think I’d just crawl up and cry, and I am not a crier.

Ah well. We’ll see. Or I will. I’ll see.

Come on, printer! I want to go to bed!

Wow. Apparently, right now, it’s ‘waiting for ink to dry’. Seriously? Are you the old woman of printing? Get on with it!

I guess I should probably create a new progress bar thing…



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