Meh. (Or Me vs the AntiWrite 4: 21st July 2013, rambling style)

So I’m supposed to be writing but have absolutely no idea what happens next and I know it doesn’t matter cause it’s a first draft and won’t make the final cut, anyway, but still. Figured I’d blog about it and see if that helped. So far, it isn’t. And I’m incredibly tired and would quite like to go to sleep, even though it’s only 9 o’ clock. And Emma Chapman has been on twitter but not replied to me. Which is rude. But maybe she will reply but is just thinking about what to say – it was a pretty weird tweet; I don’t think I’d know how to react. Couldn’t go wrong with a simple ‘thank you’, though, could she?

What happens next?

The situation is this: it’s the evening of the day Diana arrived. They’ve all been arguing a lot. Diana and Duncan had a huge fight and she was repacking – throw everything at the suitcase style – and Cathy asked her to stay so she is now and they just put her room back in order.

Now what?

The thing is, I’m not sure where Duncan is, at the mo. which would obviously make a difference because I’m thinking they’ll both be avoiding him, unless Diana decides to confront him, but I can’t see that happening, actually.

And I’m concerned that if I force myself to write, it’ll be the wrong thing, but maybe that’s just the AntiWrite talking.


I have written 304 words today. Pathetic, right? Still, I guess it’s better than nothing.


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