Me vs the AntiWrite 1: 18th July 2013

So this is new but I can’t be bothered to explain it, other than to give credit where it’s due (to this guy’s blog post) for the inspiration. You’ll figure it out: it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Wrote 300ish words at lunch with intention of writing more this eve. Standard but could be better.

This eve, the AntiWrite managed to distract me with twitter and facebook and emails until now (11:10pm). I have resisted temptation to go to bed, telling myself that I cannot sleep until I have written. However, all I have succeeded in doing is staying awake while the AntiWrite continues to distract me. I am tired. I am giving in. I am defeated.

AntiWrite: 1

Me: 0.

Words written: 336

So not a total loss.

(Psst. This might not be followed up. In my current worn-out state I can’t trust the decision to start this. But we’ll see. If you want me to keep doing this – I foresaw it as a daily thing – let me know. That might swing things.)

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One thought on “Me vs the AntiWrite 1: 18th July 2013

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Louise, and I’m glad my post is getting things moving for you.

    One thing I’m learning is that a win for the AntiWrite isn’t a final loss for you, no matter how many times it’s won already. So good luck and keep going!

    Oh – and sleep well!

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