I’m reading the Handmaid’s Tale atm…

…and I have to say, it’s giving me the fear. That’s not a difficult thing to achieve, mind you, the thought of zombies gives me the fear because even though I know it’s impossible (unless you’re given that drug by a Haitian bokor) I still think what if?

Thing is, though, the events of The Handmaid’s Tale seem much more plausible. Think about it: if all women’s bank accounts were frozen and women were all fired and the law was changed so that divorce, abortion, women working, women owning property, etc, etc was all made illegal, what could we do to stop it?  The Nazis stripped the Jews, and many other groups, of their rights and faced little resistance. It could happen.

And that’s why it’s giving me the fear.

It’s also giving me a lot to think about, such as what’s more important: freedom to or freedom from? And would it really be that much worse than the admittedly exaggerated state of events before the freedoms to were abolished? Where violence against women is common because objectification is rife? The future of the ‘before’ does not seem that far off from where we are now. 20 years, maybe. That also fills me with fear. And history tends to over-correct, so the time of ‘freedom from’ could happen. Maybe it’s even likely to. And maybe this time of marriage for love and sex for pleasure (for women, at least) is a phase. It’s a fairly modern norm. In our society, anyway.

I haven’t finished it, yet. Another couple of bus rides and I’ll be there.

Bit of an odd blog post, today. I apologise. I had a tiring weekend. Fun but tiring. I now have little left to give.


2 thoughts on “I’m reading the Handmaid’s Tale atm…

  1. I just re-read the Handmaids Tale last weekend. I listened to the audio version this time, read by Claire Danes. It had a chilling impact that I had missed somehow just reading it on paper. It’s funny, I was just discussing the difference between “freedom to” and “freedom from” with my husband this weekend..it’s something to think about. The thought of someone deciding everything for us, having absolute and utter control, not being able to write or read–the idea just chills my soul.

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