We’re Going to Need a New Series…


…<drum roll>…

(this won’t be news to those of you who follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or know my mother, seeing as she sent out a mass text to everyone who’s digits she has, but…)

I’ve got a job.

And it involves writing.

And it’s in the charity sector.

And when I say it involves writing, I mean quite a lot. Funding proposals, newsletter articles, press releases, that kind of thing.

And it doesn’t have ‘assistant’ in the job title, which seems to be important to my dad because it means I’ll be doing the actual job rather than assisting someone else.

And it’s local – no sardine-style commute to London.

So, pretty much dream day job.

I should have posted this yesterday, officially, or Tuesday, seeing as that’s when I heard, but I think my new-found freedom at not ‘having’ to do anything (i.e. job applications) went to my head a tad. Of course, there’s always the novel. But my new job doesn’t start until 2nd January, so maybe I’ll do a couple of weeks of full-time writing and remind myself of how tortuous and maddening that is and why my need for a day-job is more than financial, it’s also for the preservation of my sanity. Could be fun.

Either way, I’ll be needing a new topic for Wednesdays. I was thinking some kind of help/advice/support for people who are looking for work. Would anyone be interested in that? If not, I don’t know, maybe something amazingly witty about strange ways to snatch writing-time. Or a weekly review, to keep me reading. Or something completely different.

Big thank you to everyone who’s supported me in any way through this magical journey; I really appreciate it.


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