Lost and Found

Had a bit of a novel-related panic, today. Wanted to check my notes on Black Swan and add to them – to start thinking about the differences between my novel and the film and whether or not Aronofsky’s techniques would work in my novel and what else I can learn from the film – and I couldn’t find them. Anywhere. The reason is that most of my stuff is still in boxes – some from Norwich and some I had in St Andrews – but basically, it’s all a big mess. I have no idea what is where. The reason is when I first moved back home, I thought I’d be moving in with J within a month so only unpacked the essentials. Then we decided to stay with our parents to save money to buy a house and since then I just haven’t had time to sort all my stuff out. It’s a big job – will probably take two full days – and I’m always behind on my job applications and then there’s the novel, which I’m supposed to be rewriting for NaNoWriMo…

Now, in my head, this notebook also contained all of my notes from my Master’s. Not something I’d want to lose. So I searched all the boxes and just couldn’t find it. Started wondering if somehow I’d left it in St A or it had fallen out of a box at some stage. I’d almost given up when I spotted a box I’d packed since coming home. I’d overlooked it for that reason, but then I thought maybe I’d decided I wouldn’t need my notebook until we’d moved. Turns out, that was exactly what happened because not only did I find the notebook I was looking for but 3 others, all containing notes from my Master’s. (None are full, I just have different notebooks for differing purposes, e.g. research, how to, plans, reading as a writer, etc).

So unlike my novel, the story of the lost notebook has a happy ending. And there was much rejoicing.


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