The Job Hunt Continues. With Spreadsheets!

OK, I lied, it was one spreadsheet. Read on to find out more…

(I’m tired so gonna bullet-point this bad boy.)

  • Not heard back about the interview, yet, although I did have a dream about it, last night, in which I was officially told that it looked unlikely that I would get the job and unofficially told that the job didn’t exist (by a different person who took pity on me and said so on the sly). They were just testing the waters for potential employees – you know how they’ll sometimes advertise fake jobs to see what the employment market is like. Completely immoral, in my opinion, but there you go.
  • Just discovered a very exciting vacancy advert with a January 2013 deadline. Will apply by the end of November to get in there early but my point is, I’m excited. It’s Graduate Library Assistant at the Warburg Institute. Fun, right? And I found it completely by accident: I was checking to see when a different Lib Asst vacancy was posted when I found an advert for it on a jobsearch site I hadn’t been using, which happened to have loads of similar jobs. So I have a new email alert.
  • I’ve just made a spreadsheet (’cause I’m so cool like that) of all the vacancies I’ve found and intend to apply for. Had hours of fun sorting it by priority and deadline and date posted. OK, maybe not hours and maybe not fun. Still, I can do spreadsheets. Take note, nosey employers checking out my blog. I’m prioritising my workload and managing my time and making use of my IT skills, all in one activity. This is why you want to shortlist me. No, really. Also, I can blog and use WordPress, a CRM software. And I know basic HTML. I’m using it right now.< li >means bullet point. Just so you know. Without the spaces, obviously.

Think that’s it. No more to report. This is LB, job-hunter, signing out.

(It’s been a long day. Had an emergency proposal to write for Watford New Hope Trust. And I didn’t sleep well last night. I think there were zombies in my job-related dream – there usually are – too much Walking Dead. And some kind of public dancing with no prior preparation/rehearsal/anything. So, you know, apologies for the rambling and whatnot.)


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