The Night Before the Interview

  • Hair washed and styled.  ⁄  I made a valiant effort but my straighteners are hiding. Now all I can do is hope it behaves.
  • Clothes chosen and laid out. √
  • Researched company.  ⁄  They’re a big company and their website is an information overload but I’ve been cramming and I’m getting there.
  • Re-read job description and person specification. √ Job description took some interpreting but I’ve got it now.
  • Thought of answers to common questions.  ⁄  In my head but not out loud. Still, I do have thoughts and that’s the main thing. And they always ask you something crazy you weren’t expecting. Like that one about my mother. Did I tell you guys about that? Completely threw me.
  • Planned journey. √
  • Two copies of CVs printed to take in. √

In other news, I overheard something depressing in the Jobcentre today: the woman signing on before me, who looked close to retirement age and had some problems with mobility, said that going to the Jobcentre was her ‘day out’.

*                     *                    *


The interview went well! I’ll know within a fortnight, so wish me luck.


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