7 Things I Learned from Neil Gaiman

  1. Fairytales are a series of answers to the question: what happened next? That’s what drives a fairytale: this happened, then this happened, then this happened. They are all plot.
  2. Because fairytales are all plot, they are a blank canvass. They enable the reader to add their own details to fill in the gaps about who the characters are or why they did what they did. As a writer, they are open for you to embellish and make your own.
  3. All stories are driven by characters wanting things. The character wants something, there is an obstacle and they either overcome it and get what they want or try and fail to but they always want something.
  4. There is a lot of crap writing within you that you have to get out to get to the good stuff, so keep writing. Ira Glass also makes this point, here.
  5. Snow White is about a vampire and a necrophiliac
  6. The original Sleeping beauty was not woken by a kiss. The kiss did not wake her. Her babies did.
  7. Ghost stories can still make my spine tingle, when written by Neil Gaiman and read by Neil Gaiman, even when I am at the back of a theater.



2 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned from Neil Gaiman

  1. Snow white is the story of a necrophiliac. LOL! Never thought of it that way… but now that you have (or rather Neil Gaiman) has pointed out… does make sense. 😛

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