Slacking Off

You know how I was boasting about how I was such a good job-seeker, I should get a raise? (No? That might have been on Twitter. It definitely happened.) Well, I’ve recently let my high standards slip a little. To the extent where I hadn’t even touched my little grey book since last Tuesday :o! Not because I hadn’t done anything – although I have let a few days go by without me applying – but because I didn’t bother filling it in. the result is, of course, that I had to play catch-up today. Well, I didn’t have to do it today – I could have waited until my next appointment but I haven’t quite sunk to the level of last-minute-scribbling-on-the-bus yet. Who am I kidding – I could never sink to that level.

But I still need to pull my proverbial socks up. It’s getting to the point, now, where I find all these vacancies, type them into Evernote and when I get around to applying (I’ve got a big back-log) they’ve vanished. Poof! Before the deadline. Now that’s just cheating. You can’t move the deadline and not tell anyone. What’s the point in having a deadline if you’re just going to ignore it? Gah.

So, yes, I need to catch up and start applying on the day I see the advert. We’ll see how that goes.


3 thoughts on “Slacking Off

  1. Second-to-last time I looked for a job, I stayed on the job sites daily and sent resumes off as soon as I saw anything new. Sent 38 resumes in two months, got six interviews, two job offers… both temp assignments.


      • This last time was totally the opposite! The very day I was laid off I went online and applied for a bunch of jobs. One of them called me a week later and set up an interview. A week after that I had the interview, and then one more week and I was offered the job! I started a week after that. Total time unemployed: one month.

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