An Interview and A(n Unrelated) Personal Rejection

See, I’m making progress! Moved on from form rejections, oh yes. I received a personalised one. Check me out. Unfortunately, it was something of an annoyance: ‘we feel you’d be better suited to a more challenging position’, or, in other words, you’re over-qualified and we’re going to pretend the recession isn’t happening and assume you’re applying for a job below you because, although you have school smarts, you don’t have the street smarts to know which job you should be applying for. I almost replied to remind them of the recession and thereby explain my decision to apply but I suspected it was just a nicer way of saying, ‘you’re not who we’re looking for.’ Or maybe it’s more of a case of ‘we think you might run off with the next job that came along like some kind of job-whore.’ Give me some credit, guys. I can do loyalty. If you treat me right, I’ll treat you right. I’m not some job-floozy flitting from one job to the next – I’m in it for the long-haul – if I can work in a Wetherspoons kitchen for two years I can work in an office for 3. At this point, a job that involves sitting down for the majority of the day would be great. An annual salary would be a dream come true. And let’s not forget about my natural laziness, here. If I’m working full time, I’m not going to have the will to apply for jobs as well.

So, the interview. Actually, I performed much better than I usually do – I managed to control the nerves pretty well and expand on my answers. Trouble was, I gave the wrong impression. My interviewer clearly thought of me as some molly-cuddled, wide-eyed little girl. I know. I give that out as a first impression – maybe it’s some kind of defensive mechanism – be nice to me, I’m just a little girl – but that doesn’t make me an ideal candidate for any job. I need to work on this. Still, I’m proud of myself for not being so nervous, etc. It’s progress. (I haven’t heard back but I know I haven’t got the job. I could tell. I think I might be getting better at reading people. So that’s also a plus.)

Oh and I went to the jobcentre on Tuesday, which took all of 2 minutes. Good job mummy gave me a lift (maybe interviewer was right, huh!) otherwise I’d have been travelling for an hour and a half (on the bus) and in the centre for 2 mins, like I said. He didn’t even look at my little grey book and I’d put so much effort into filling it in. That’s me all over though – always go the extra mile, whether it’s necessary or not. Sounds like a good new weakness to me. Although it suggests the inability to prioritise, which I can do, I just do it in terms of what to do when. I couldn’t do a substandard job of something less important but I can do the more important stuff first to make sure that’s done well. Make sense?


2 thoughts on “An Interview and A(n Unrelated) Personal Rejection

  1. You have the right attitude, which is what I think most people are missing these days. At least from my perspective, there are plenty of people who’ll “play the system” and pretend to care when it counts and to the right people. The rest of the time they half-ass as much as they can, and they think they’re clever for that.

    So take some pride in your attitude and don’t let the fact that a couple of interviewers couldn’t see that. It’s their loss.

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