A Theory

Apologies for skipping Wednesday’s post. I had an interview on Thursday and I think in all the excitement I somehow forgot to post. The interview was fine but I don’t think I got the job. It was only until Christmas so I’m not bothered. Good experience, though. Maybe more on that next Wednesday but back to the task at hand…

I mentioned last week that men need porn because they tend to be more visual whereas women tend to use their imaginations more. This is based on a theory of mine about male and female sexuality:

Male sexuality comes from an outside source but female sexuality comes from within or the woman’s own body.

In other words, a man usually needs outside stimulation, e.g. porn but a woman doesn’t because what arouses her is her own body – what it feels specifically. A man is attracted to someone because of what they look like but a woman is attracted to someone because of how they could (or do) make her feel.

This explains why men seem to find the idea of lesbians exciting but women do not have the same reaction to homosexual men. For the man there’s two women to look at; for the woman, there’s two men who are not sexually interested in her and are therefore unlikely to give her pleasure. The same goes for masturbation – for a man the thought of a woman who masturbates is something glamourous and sexy because of what it would look/sound like. For a woman, the thought of a man masturbating doesn’t interest her. It just happens – it doesn’t have anything to do with her.

Now, I’m against gender stereotypes and making assumptions about someone because of their gender. I’m also against arguments that say: ‘all men are x and all women are y‘ but I do think there are a few areas on which men and women genuinely differ and this is one of them. But this is just a theory, based on my own experiences and a few conversations. So if anyone has anything to add or challenge, I’d love to read it. In other words: what do you think? Does it make sense? Any other thoughts?


3 thoughts on “A Theory

  1. I think you are correct about men being so visually oriented. I think that is also a reason for so much male/gay homophobia. Straight men are offended by the visual or what they imagine the visual to be. So I know why men fall for the pretty woman who treats them poorly or who has little else to offer But why do women fall so many charlatans and idiots and liars and fools? What’s that about? How does that help a woman’s desire to feel good about herself? Just asking…

  2. Men are definitely visually orientated. However, I have always found the sight of my guy “taking care of himself” so to speak, pretty hot. Then again, it might just be me, because I’m weird.
    I find women attractive, but only in a viewing sense–and seeing gay men together doesn’t do anything for me but it doesn’t repulse me either.
    Then again I am pretty open minded.

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