Good news

So I haven’t broken my writing hiatus, yet, but today I actively wanted to work on the novel. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking I’d like to get back on with it at some point but today, the feeling was more: I really want to work on it right now. But I was in the middle of a job application at the time so I couldn’t. To be honest, that might explain the urge. I still haven’t finished it – the job application. Every now and then I seem to hit a job application too far and I just can’t be bothered with it all, anymore. This is one of those. It might be because I interpreted ‘Please fill in the form in black ink’ as ‘by hand’ and tried to do just that. My handwriting has benefited from this process but my patience has worn thin. Having discovered a flaw in my third/fourth attempt I questioned my interpretation of ‘in black ink’. Surely on a computer it is black ink. But why then, specify black? What kind of moron would change the font colour? I don’t know but I just can’t face doing it by hand, again, so I’m doing it on the computer and they can like it or give someone with infinite patience/naturally neat handwriting the job. Not the best attitude, I know, but there you go.

The main thing is, I wanted to work on the novel. Maybe tonight I will. Maybe that’s how I’ll celebrate my other good news, which is…

…I’ve got an interview on Thursday. My initial excitement quickly turned to fear and panic, leaving me with a lingering worry about what I will wear, even though I have an interview outfit in my wardrobe. Will it be too much? Will it be too casual? Why am I worrying about this instead of memorising information about the employer and the job and what I said about myself on my application and answers to potential questions. What on earth are you supposed to say your weakness is? Everyone goes for ‘perfectionist’, I need something fresh. Naturally terrified of interviews? No. Just sounds like an excuse, doesn’t it? Well, I guess I’ll think of something.

Wish me luck!



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