It’s Mishmash Monday!

Newsflash 1: Shiny new phone! Since J has upgraded to the iPhone 5, I have inherited his iPhone 4, which is much faster than my old phone (can you guess what that was?) and the lock screen button actually works! Trouble is, I’m so used to having a phone with a lock screen button that doesn’t actually work at all that I forget to use it…

Newsflash 2: As J asked me to stay at his house on Friday to sign for his shiny new toy/phone and I’d applied Lamisil Once at noon the day before (meaning I couldn’t shower until after noon because it needed 24 uninterrupted-by-water hours to do its thing), I ended up charging down the stairs in a T-shirt and knickers to answer the door to a postman who swiftly averted his eyes from my lovely, white legs. Also, the postman didn’t have the iPhone. That arrived after Joe got home from uni.

Newsflash 3: I had a group meeting at the Jobcentre today. It was much better than I’d expected. Actually useful advice about JSA – the sort of thing you need to know to avoid being cut off and left to fend for yourself like a Spartan baby. Possibly more on that on Wednesday.

Newsflash 4: I’ve decided to get back on with the novel. I’ve nearly had a month off. And seeing as I won’t have as much free time when I get a job, it’s a good idea to make use of the time that I do have now. Make sense? Yes. I’m not going to set any goals other than work on it every day. Which seems a reasonable goal to me. Get whatever jobseeking stuff I have to do out of the way, first, then get on with some novel-ing. I guess this means next Monday could be Mother Stands for Comfort Monday. I should probably think of a snappier title, though.

Think that’s it. Catch you mid-week.



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