New Schedule Announced

I’m sorry. I’ve let this blog fall my the wayside somewhat. I think I’m letting my break from writing/post-Master’s-recovery-period go to my head or maybe just go too far. It’s about time I got back on the metaphorical horse. Not that the horse threw me off, exactly, but you know.

So, it’s time to propose a new schedule for posts.

After much thought, I have decided:

Work-Search Wednesday

(because my JSA meetings are every other Tuesday and to break free of the Writer/ing Wednesday mould)

Feminist Friday

(because I’m still not up to Flash Fictions right now. I mean there’s the writing hiatus to respect and I really should be finishing the novel, anyway.)

Mishmash Monday

(because I can’t decide what to do for Monday, so until I get back on with the novel, it’ll be a free-for-all/anything goes slot.)

So that’s that. Excited?


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