(Listening to Kate Bush as I write this. And in case you’re ready to move on from Hounds of Love but aren’t sure which album to choose next, I suggest The Kick Inside – my current favourite by her.)

So, I’ve been pretty quiet about how the novel’s going, lately and thought it was about time I brought you guys up to speed.

The rewriting is going steadily – not as fast as I’d like but at least it’s going and most days I don’t mind working on it. So that’s good. On the 8th of August I emailed my supervisor 6000 words and a 500 word synopsis. Last Tuesday I heard back from her. The good news is I won’t have to completely rewrite the thing again (hooray!) The bad news is I will have to do extensive revisions but that was expected so it’s not a massive problem. The character development’s still a bit off and the novel lacks description. However, my dialogue’s good and she liked the plot (I think).

At the moment I’m still typing up and rewriting (see the progress bar) but I’m hoping to be done tonight. That might be optimistic, though. Only 2645 to go so it’s possible but will take a few hours – maybe 4. It’s 7.30pm here. Guess I’d better get on it!


8 thoughts on “Update

  1. WOO HOO! Also, I’m listening to a band from Miami called Afrobeta. I have a dropbox of that and some other stuff. Mostly, though, I think you should listen to “Do You Party?” “Jealousy” and “Love is Magic” because they’re awesome and I could send them to you…

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