More Newfound and Unexpected Appreciation

This time for the beauty of the male form. In my opinion, the female form is more attractive than the male. No – this isn’t me ‘coming out’ – I just think the female body is more beautiful than the male. Let’s face it, penises just aren’t pretty to look at. Neither are balls. Or flat chests. Or moobs. Or even muscles. (Some women like muscles but I would argue that it’s because they suggest strength, not because they’re aesthetically pleasing.)

Or so I thought, until I came across an Olympic event, known as…

*drum roll*

the parallel bars.

The way those men swung and held themselves was such a graceful display of strength. They made the male form beautiful. It was breathtaking to watch.

And another strange reaction I had was a distaste for armpit hair. A few of the men were shaved (or waxed – I don’t know) and they were much more lovely to look at. They even seemed more natural, which of course is complete bollocks because hair is natural and shaving isn’t but there you go. Now, I’m aware that I’m socially conditioned to find armpit hair on women disgusting (and I wish I didn’t. It’s so ridiculous that women are expected to shave pretty much everything to the point where most women, myself included, just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts/a skirt/a dress with hairy legs.) but people accept it on men – it’s even attractive, supposedly. So, I guess me finding it as abhorrent on men as women is a step forward for equality but personally I’d prefer it if equality meant we could all be hairy. I don’t want men to have to bother with shaving any more than women – it’d be great if we could all just not.

Have you been surprised by your reaction to any of the Olympic events?


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