Holiday Highlights

  1. Monty Python sing-along, which made our compulsory crawl through Slough almost enjoyable (some idiot turned their car over on the M4.)
  2. Sitting on the balcony watching the sun set over the Forest of Dean and drinking Pimms with old friends.
  3. The BBQ.
  4. Twaddle & Articulate.
  5. Refusing to go down the nettly short cut and getting there at the same time as everyone else.
  6. The pint after trudging up the wrong hill (we were aiming for Symmonds Yat Rock but were on the other side of the river.)
  7. Making it to Symmonds Yat Rock (via car.)
  8. The barman’s attempt at an anecdote in the pub near Tintern Abbey (it was about thinking he’d lost his credit card when he hadn’t.)
  9. Pass the Pigs.
  10. One-on-one time with Glorious F on the Sculpture and Speculative Trails (where we saw that wild boar and saved a child.)
  11. Moroccan-style lamb thanks to the sheep of Franiel’s dad and Glorious F’s cooking skills.
  12. Grab.
  13. Losing my canoeing virginity, which involved being tailed by hungry ducks; missing the ‘island’ we decided to stop at and having to battle against the current to get there; paddling in the river by the ‘island’; and getting sunburnt knees.
  14. The bunting in Monmouth.
  15. That bacon and cucumber baguette.
  16. Franiel’s scone reviews.
  17. Curry.
  18. Pounce.
  19. And finally: Franiel’s bulging biceps (would I lie to/ would I li-ie to you.)

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