I Win! (and the European Commission Fails)


So that’s exciting. And I didn’t run out of novel – the bastard’s still going. Think I’ve figured out how I’m going to get from where I am to the ending, though, so there’ll be none of that ‘Ah! I don’t know what happens next!’ anymore. I’m thinking (and this probably won’t make sense to you but anyway):

  • Cathy breaks her promise and tells Duncan, who gets angry and accuses Diana of various nasty things and throws Diana out.
  • Cut to flashback – their wedding night. (There’s more to it but, you know, spoilers.)
  • Back to present – Diana tries to rescue her but Cathy is now convinced she’s a witch. Duncan catches them, acts like Cathy’s saviour.
  • Week later – Duncan decides to try for a baby again. Cathy’s big freak out commences. She runs here, she runs there, she runs into the sea. The end. (That bit will be better. Think Black Swan when Nina runs home having ‘seen’ Beth slash her face with the nail file. All those paintings…If you haven’t seen Black Swan, you’re missing out. One of my favourite films. Go watch it. Right now.)

Thing is, though, my excitement at technically winning Camp Nano has been tarnished by the European Commission’s promotional teaser: Science: It’s A Girl Thing. I’m too angry and depressed to be happy about my success. So well done, EC, rather than empowering women to fulfill their dreams, whatever they may be, you have in fact made us all question how we can live in this sexist world.

More on that over at E.J. Newman’s blog, where you can watch the disgusting video and read her take on it, which I 100% agree with.

Now to finish my novel, if I can only stop thinking about that appalling so-called campaign.


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