The End Is In Sight

I predict that in 2 days I will have finished the first draft of this novel. Pretty exciting, right? Yes. Yes it is. Thing is, though, I don’t think it will be 500 pages. In fact, I’m concerned that the story might end before I win Camp NaNoWriMo. Which would be annoying. But I guess what I’d do is either say: ‘screw it, I still wrote a novel in a month’ (especially as I have written 58,200 words in total and in less than 31 days.) Or decide that I must have another NaNo Winner certificate and write a few extra/alternative scenes. Which might not be a bad idea, anyway.

Well, either way, the end is in sight and it’s all gotten very exciting. So exciting that there’s a chance I’ll get carried away and finish it tomorrow. Something huge has happened that I was not expecting at all. And by that I mean: it wasn’t in the plan. Other things have deviated from the plan but this – this changes everything. In a good way. It’s something to work towards when I rewrite. And it makes perfect sense. So much so that I’m considering hinting that this is something that’s been going on throughout, or has at least happened before, and turn it into something of a twist. But obviously if I do that, I’ll have to set it up well. Could work, though. So…yeah…hooray for surprises.


8 thoughts on “The End Is In Sight

      • Synopsis: Cathy and Duncan seem to be happily married, pious members of the church but when Cathy’s sister, Diana comes to stay, Cathy starts having dark, sexual dreams whenever there’s a full-moon. As both the dreams and Diana’s visit persist, Cathy begins to behave strangely, to the alarm of her husband.

        So I guess that would be Gothic? Or perhaps a psychological thriller. I never think about genre, to be honest. Maybe I should…

      • Gotcha. Sounds interesting, and I know it’s so hard to figure out how to describe your book… I read on one blog that it’s best to come up with something similar and compare it to that.

        So, I eventually came up with this, for my western… “Did you love the movie “Tombstone?” If you did, then you’ll love my book.”

        Is there a movie or book that’s well known that you could compare it, too? (I’m like you, I hate trying to label the genre…)

  1. That’s a real achievement! You’ve done something most people will never do. I wish you luck on your re-writes. (yes, there always has to be…. 😦 )

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