Excuses, excuses

So apparently standing around in the rain all day gives you a bad cold. Thanks for that Fort Will. Who knew? And the one thing you don’t need when attempting to write a novel in a month is another excuse to not write. My nose is stuffy. I need more tea. No, I need honey and lemon. My nose is still stuffy. I can’t concentrate. Yadda yadda yadda whine whine whine.

Also, my current writing space is my boyfriend’s single bed. What’s good about this arrangement is I get so bored watching him play Battlefield that I actually write and when I don’t, he tells me off. What’s bad about it is there’s no desk to lean on and not much space. I end up crammed in a corner with little room for arm movement. It’s not ideal.

Even so, I managed to write 30 pages, yesterday. That’s approx 4,500 words. Not too shabby.


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