The Dreaded Wall of Specs

Just had an uncomfortable Specsavers experience. It wasn’t the appointment. You know you’re gonna get bright lights shone in your eye and asked to read a row of dots – you’re prepared for that. But I decided it was time to buy new glasses. At the moment, I pretty much live in contacts but I thought it would be nice to have the option. At first someone ‘helped’ me by hovering awkwardly and repeating that I should go for plastic frames because they’ll hide the massive lenses. I tried to ask about shape. He just looked at me blankly – he knew no more than I did, which was nothing. After a while of us both looking at the wall of specs, he suggested he leave me to it. Thank God – if I was going to have to trial and error this I preferred to do it without an audience.

One pair made me look like a crazy cat lady. Another like an ugly child. This was not going well. The man drifted back. ‘Any luck?’ I shook my head. He hovered again but didn’t offer any help, other than to direct me to the £125 designer frames and leave me to work it out alone.

Eventually, I managed to narrow it down to three. Then one. I took them to the check-out. A different guy led me to a desk and told me to have a last look in the mirror. I did so. He asked me if I was sure I wanted them, making it clear that they looked awful. So of course, I was not. He suggested he help me look. So we went back to the wall and I showed him the two I’d considered. He agreed that the ones I had were better but I could tell he still didn’t like them. He picked out some more for me. They were good but the frames were very…black.He suggested I try the teen section after seeing how ridiculous I looked in wide frames. I narrowed it down to another two and picked one because I couldn’t be bothered with it all any more.

Turns out they were £125. For teenager glasses. How rich are these teenagers? Luckily Lensmail are running a deal at the moment which meant I only had to pay £45. It’s still a lot of money. I don’t know how much the others were. Probably free on my deal. And they didn’t have a logo on the side. Ah well, it’s done now. And I’m sure he made some sweet, sweet commission. He must have thought he’d struck gold when I opted for the expensive ones. To be fair to him, he didn’t push me towards them at all, unlike the hoverer. And he was helpful.

In other news – I had a great meeting with my supervisor, yesterday. She liked what she’d seen overall and told me how to improve it. She actually pointed out something I consistently do badly in my writing and told me how to fix it. Just like that!

Oh and I started reading The Bell by Iris Murdoch because I wanted to read a mid-length novel written in third person that doesn’t mess about with time – to see how it’s done. (I’m struggling with time, at the moment – when and how to skip forward.) It was so useful, I wrote a whole page of notes on the first chapter. In fact, I might do a blog post on ‘show don’t tell’ based on it because there’s great examples of both done well – and it’s good to see when telling can work, so…yeah. Let me know if you’d be interested.


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Wall of Specs


    Also, don’t tell us your supervisor pointed out something you consistently do badly in your writing and not tell us what it is! FOOOOl

    • It’s actually two things:
      1) I clunk up my sentences with unnecessary words.
      2) I write in too much detail when moving characters around, which gives it a manipulated and pedestrian feel.

      On the plus side, my dialogue is good. Yay.

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