It Begins

Last night I started the novel. The plan is to finish the first draft in a month’s time – so it’s going to be NaNoWriMo style x 3 because this novel’s probably going to be closer to 90,000 than 40,000. Also, there’s a week in the middle when I know I won’t have much time to write, so my daily word count aim is higher to compensate. (It was 3500 a day but yesterday was a bit of a dud so it’s now 3750.)

You may have noticed that the last two posts haven’t been labeled. That’s because now I’m doing this novel I don’t know how thew blog is going to pan out. I’m still going to do it but the old structure may not work. For example, if I’ve written 3750 words of novel, will I have any more creative energy to give to a flash fiction piece every Friday? Will there be anything else going on in my life or will the novel take over?

Anything could happen in the next 31 days!

Feel free to have a say, though. If I was writing this for myself I wouldn’t publish it on the internet – it’d be in a notebook, probably one with a little padlock attached.

(P.S. I like my hair now, just in case anyone was concerned on that note.)


9 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Yay! Good luck!!!

    And drop the flash fiction. I see things like that more as exercises than items that will pay the bills.

    Nail the novel and just post about how it’s going! : )

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