A Week Off and A Haircut

You know, that’s pretty much it. I took a week off from writing – finished a couple of books and read another; went home to see my parents and boyfriend and my brother happened to go home for the weekend so I got to hang out with him, too. Me and J played 2-player minecraft on his xbox. I was a liability. Kept trying to take on creepers with the result of many many holes in the ground around (and sometimes inside) our home. I got most of my hair cut off on Saturday. It was about half-way down my back. Now it’s above my shoulders. It’s taking some getting used to – I was hoping that what my hair wanted to do would be the same as what I wanted it to do but this is not the case. It’s tough getting my hair to do something it doesn’t want to. Oh it’ll do it for a couple of minutes and then just revert back to how it wants to be. I’ve invested in some spray wax, which helps a bit but my hair’s still fighting back – going flat and limp when I’m not looking but not as much as it did before and a quick re-ruffle puts it back where I want. For a short while, anyway. Maybe I should’ve got mousse or hairspray. I know nothing about styling products – always been a brush-and-go kind of girl but that’s not an option now. Anyone got any tips?

What I Want My Hair To Look Like

What My Hair Wants to Look Like (Only Flatter)


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