Weekly Update: That’s All Folks

There’s just, you know, 15,000 words of dissertation but hey! That’s not due in til the end of August, so I’m golden.

Last Friday – handed in the essay (hence the lack of Flash Fiction). There was some last-minute-printer-stress but no hand-in is complete without it.

On Saturday I went clubbing in Dundee. Was fun. Some guy ‘fell in love’ with me. That got a bit awkward when I told him I had a boyfriend. Probably shouldn’t have waited 4 hours. Still, no need for the ‘just take a chance’ bullshit and the ‘he’s only a part-time boyfriend’ aggression. And the ‘I’d make you feel valued’ was just way out of line. Still, gave me the perfect opportunity for a sarcy, feminist come-back (Yes, because I really need a man to make me feel valued. I couldn’t possibly feel valued on my own.) I was sobering up and he was wallowing in baileys. I really think he might have been ‘the one’.

Today – last playwriting class and therefore teaching of any kind. It was fun but I’ve been at a bit of a loose end since. So I watched Game of Thrones and Mad Men and then argued about GoT on facebook for a while.

Tomorrow, I go home for a week. Don’t expect me to have written much before Wednesday. I can’t write on trains.


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