Work of Writing 12: Essay, Essay, Essay

Haven’t picked up Seeded Fruit yet and I’m not sure that I will until Friday. Then again, maybe some of the comments will be relevant to the essay. Well, I don’t even know if it’s back, yet, so…

All I’ve been working on is the essay. I’ve finished a rough draft and typed in some research. I tried to only include stuff where it would come in the essay but caved and ended up added quotes at the end, to find homes for later. To be honest, it’s such a mess, what I end up with will not be anywhere like what I’ve got now. I think I ended up trying to argue two things, depending on what I found. I need to read it through and figure out exactly what I want to argue and what I need to include to argue that. It’s nearing 7,000 words, you see, so I will need to cut a lot. (It’s meant to be 5,000.)

So the next move is: *print it, read it, have a mini-break-down, read it again, scrawl all over it, make the changes* and repeat ‘*’ as many times as I need to/have time for.

It’s gonna be a fun couple of days!




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