Weekly Update: The End is Nigh

No, not the Mayan prediction, the MLitt. Today I was set what could be the last writing exercise I’ll ever have to do. By Thursday I’ll have read the last book. On Thursday I’ll have the last seminar. On Friday I’ll hand in my last assignment. Other than the dissertation. But this is the last essay. Although, I don’t have to do an essay for this one, in fact I’m meant to do a ‘creative assignment’. But I am doing – so there.

About the essay. It’s going OK. I think. Well, it’s spiraling out of control a bit. I’m on 5,750ish words and only a quarter through the research. Let me explain: I decided it would be a good idea to bang out a rough draft before doing research, so that now I’m just typing notes straight into the essay. Usually, I spend several days taking loads of irrelevant notes and then have to search through all the useless shit to find the good stuff. Not doing that now but I think a lot of my essay is waffle because it’s based on guesswork, not knowledge. Still, I can fix that in a rewrite. No drama.

At the moment, I’m reading The Wise Wound because my tutor recommended it to me for my essay. It’s got some…interesting ideas. A fair amount of hippy bullshit, though, but I’m wading through. Besides, that’s good, because a lot of my essay is meant to cut through all of that and I need to know exactly what I’m arguing against. I’m aiming to be the voice of reason. Menstruation isn’t a curse but it isn’t a blessing either. It’s painful, messy and inconvenient but makes you more sensitive to touch, which makes sex better. Plus, there’s something reassuring about having a cycle, you know? Above all, it’s a natural bodily function. You don’t think of eating and excreting as either a blessing or a curse: it’s just the way the body works. So why is menstruation such a big deal? You don’t hear men complaining about random erections all the time do you? And I’m assured that can also be painful and inconvenient so, you know.

(And on that note…)


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