Work of Writing 10: Writing is Rewriting

This week was all about Pandora. I workshopped last Thursday and got loads of great feedback: the ending needed to be more horrible; her strangeness needed to be asserted sooner; Dan and Phil should merge into one character; he should get sick when he’s not with her (like withdrawal from a drug). So I spent Friday rewriting the whole story and the weekend editing that in time to send to my tutor before our meeting, which was today.

Turns out I over-corrected on some points, especially the beginning and end. I was worried that I’d done this so it was good to know I was right about that – my instincts aren’t completely wrong! And she liked the very end (which I love) so that made me happy. All in all – good meeting. We had our initial dissertation meeting as well – I told her about my novel and she said it sounded good (although she might have just said that because she got the sense that I had nothing else – I definitely gave off that ‘I’m doing this, it’s not negotiable’ vibe.)

I’m excited to get editing Pandora now. I don’t think it’ll need another complete rewrite – just parts. Having said that, I do need to figure out Melanie. What are the rules about her curse? What can and can’t she do? When I’ve done that I’ll know how much needs changing.

Better crack on, then. I’ve only got 46 hours and 49 minutes until the deadline. Time to edit, edit, edit!


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