Flash Fiction: Domestication

The butterfly fluttered by the boy.

‘It’s so pretty,’ he thought, so he caught

Her in a net, pinned

Her to styrofoam and hung

Her on his wall to decorate

And possess.


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Domestication

  1. I’m endlessly fascinated by butterflies and write about them a lot. When I say fascinated by them, it’s not to mount them on pins under glass with Latin names, but the science of things like their colours, their metamorphosis life cycle, those eye spots. Amazing creatures which as you say, we just find pretty and kill them as we do so

  2. I have read this through several times, and find the truth of it saddening. it so loudly screams at us that we destroy the beautiful things around us, and often to no great purpose.

    I’m not sure exactly which message you intended, but there are many lessons to be learnt from this short, but elegant piece. Beauty needs freedom to be truly beautiful, but human nature being what it is, this is rarely allowed to be.

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