Work of Writing: Two Drafts Down…

I finished the second draft of Melanie’s Cat this morning. It’s very different to the first draft in places – some scenes are completely new so I guess you could say that parts of it are first draft but at least I have the whole story typed up to work from now. I have two assignments due – one in about 2 weeks time which can be either an essay, memoir or short story of 3,500 to 5,000 words and the other 2 weeks after that which has to be ‘original writing’ of 5,000 words.Melanie’s Cat is 4,500 ish words so I could use it for either, I’d just submit a flash fiction as well if I submitted it for the later assignment. Question is, what will I do for the other one? I’m having a meeting with my tutor on Friday to discuss that.

Meanwhile I’ve had an idea for another short story. And there’s always the novel to be working on. I haven’t even really thought about that since I wrote those 5 pages but I will have to write it soon because it’s going to be my dissertation. It’s so hard to write something when you know it’s going to be marked.


3 thoughts on “Work of Writing: Two Drafts Down…

  1. I missed the discussion on Louise Erdrich, but did you notice the part in the interview when she talks about how she tries to have a lot of projects on when she’s finishing a novel, because she hates not having something to write?

    Thought it was interesting. Also, did you like Love Medicine?

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