Work of Writing 7: Melanie’s Cat

Last week I started the first draft of a new short story. I’ve now finished that draft and am about half-way through typing it up. It’s called Melanie’s Cat and I guess you’d call it Magic Realism or maybe just mainstream with a twist of the uncanny. I don’t know and I don’t really care – I’ve always struggled to genre-hole my writing. Either way it’s a bit odd. The original idea that you could trace this back to is much darker, though.

It’s going pretty well. Obviously helping Joe with the big move home slowed things down a bit but I am making steady progress now. Plus I’m managing to ignore both my polar opinions about it – i.e. that it’s fantastic and that it’s utter bollocks – which always helps.

I think I’ll submit it for my next assignment. I’d like to workshop it or have a meeting about it first but I’m not sure of the rules about that. Last term one of my tutors said we couldn’t workshop assignments but I know that some of my classmates did and I don’t think anything came of it. I guess I’ll ask him.


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