Weekly Update: Easter/Spring Holiday/Break

This post comes to you a day late following a lack of Friday Flash because I’m on holiday. Not in the sense that I’m away any place exotic (unless you count Manchester – the weather has been amazing) but in the sense that I’ve got two weeks off from St Andrews and my next deadline isn’t until week 10. I’m not sure how soon that is and I don’t really care. I’m done. OK I’m not ‘done’ but I am taking a break.

But what about the non-nanowrimo? Well, maybe I’ll talk about that on Wednesday, if I post on Wednesday. Wait, that’s tomorrow, right? Not long to wait then.

Fun fact: Scotland doesn’t celebrate Easter. I know that because we don’t have ‘Easter Holiday’s we have ‘Spring Vacation’ or, as all my American class-mates say ‘Spring Break’. Also, term restarts on Easter Monday, which apparently isn’t a thing in Scotland because Easter isn’t. They still sell easter eggs, though, the hypocrites and I bet you can get them deep-fat-fried somewhere.


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