Work of Writing 5: It Begins

I’ve spent most of this week writing flash fiction pieces about the characters in my novel. Most of these were set years before the novel begins. I’d like to say it was fun but to be honest it felt like a chore most of the time. Perhaps it’s because I just want to get started now. Maybe I’m finally ready. I hope so.

Yesterday I got the ‘questions’ for our next assignment and discovered I could do a short story, rather than a literary essay. I was ridiculously excited by this news. It made me want to write one then and there. Well I forced myself to have two ideas, picked one and spent the entire day wrestling with it. I tried to write on the laptop but just couldn’t make it happen. I wrote a sentence, deleted it, wrote another sentence, deleted it. Then I gave up and headed to the library to do some research but brought my notepad just in case. I’d just got settled and was about to open Blood Magic (great title, right?) when I had the sudden urge to write. I wrote the first draft. Just like that. Took a couple of hours but it flowed pretty easily. I’m not sure I’ll use it for my assignment but I’ve got 5 weeks – I can keep my options open. I’m just happy I wrote something longer than a few hundred words.

Also, today is the day I’m going to start writing the novel. I still don’t have a title but I just can’t wait any longer. I’m gonna do a non-nanowrimo with it – finish it in a month. My aim is 20 pages of notepad per day, which is approx. 3,000 words, for 31 days. That would give me 93,000 words. I don’t actually think the novel will turn out that long but I just want to be sure it will be finished. Obviously I’ll stop when it is, so I might even be done in 3 weeks. That would be nice.

Wish me luck!


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