Work of Writing 4: Time To Get Back On It

Last Friday, as I’m sure you’re very aware, I had an essay deadline. After that I went to Manchester for the weekend and was honestly too exhausted to do anything, really. I managed to go to Lush and watch a couple of films. That was about it. On Tuesday I was presenting on that week’s book (we discuss a book a week for the MLitt) so I spent Monday reading it and Tuesday morning preparing some stuff to say. It wasn’t a quick read. I took yesterday evening off and went out for a few much needed drinks. The result of which is I haven’t done any writing. I think it’s time to get back on with it, though. Besides, I’ve got a writing exercise to do for tomorrow. After that I’ll do some short stories or flash fiction pieces about the characters of that new novel I’m kind of working on. Off-stage stuff, probably mostly backstory. Should be fun. I’ll let you know how I get on next week. Hopefully I’ll have written loads and finally be ready to start the first draft. I’m thinking of doing it nanowrimo style. 2,000 words a day or more. Just bang it out in a month. Well, we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Work of Writing 4: Time To Get Back On It

      • Well… it’s really just one of those blog gimmicks intended to increase readership, I think. And eh, I like the seven facts thing, and I liked picking out which blogs I like, but basically I know no more than you do.

  1. I keep telling myself I’m going to try nano-editing…it just hasn’t happened yet. I keep getting distracted by this other story I want to tell. Blergh.

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