Work of Writing 3: Essay Takeover

So the essay has pretty much taken over my life, to be honest. Which means I haven’t really been working on any writing. Although, the research and reading I’m doing for my essay may feed into the novel – seeing as I’m doing an essay on Gothic and my book will, at least, have Gothic elements, if it won’t be Gothic fiction itself. So there we go.

Oh, right, I did also workshop last week. That was OK. Gave me some stuff to think about. And as soon as I have time to think about said stuff I will do so and, you know, get back on with working with those pieces.

But until Friday I’m all about the essay. So far I have about 2,000 words (the word limit is 3,500-5,000). It’s mostly rambling but I think it’ll come together all right. Hoping to finish the research and get another 1000 words written today. I’d like time to rework this draft. Having said that it’s 12.40 and I have yet to begin work today. I’m not a morning person.


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