Work of Writing 2: The Plot Thickens

Check out the cheesy title. Ahem, so, I’ve been working on this new novel all week, mainly in preparation for the meeting I had about it yesterday. As I said on Monday, I did a couple of character interviews and a bit of plotting but nothing serious, on the writing side, until Sunday. I was focusing more on research at that stage. I now know a ridiculous amount of moon-related mythology and quite a lot about wolf-lore of the Ancient Greeks.

Sunday, however, was a different story. At some point during the week I stumbled across the wikipedia article on full moons, which listed all their names. This became the basis for my structure and I’m not sure how I’d have plotted the bitch if I hadn’t had the help of the moon names. They gave me little prods of inspiration and fit pretty well. Until, that is, I got to the second moon in August, which I hadn’t been expecting. Not sure I’ve made great use of it, to be honest. Still, though, I do now have a plot, which I won’t disclose, although I will give you the moon names:

February: Wolf/Snow/Hungar

March: Lenten/Worm/Chaste

April: Egg/Pink/Seed/Waking

May: Milk/Flower/Hare

June: Flower/Strawberry

July: Hay/Buck

August: Grain/Sturgeon/Red

2nd moon in August (blue moon)

September: Fruit/Harvest

October: Harvest/Hunter

The end!

The meeting went OK. He liked the moon names structure. I might even use them for chapter headings… (that just occurred to me) but he did raise a lot of concerns, some of which I’d already – not thought about exactly but they had been somewhere in the back of my mind and most of which I agreed with. I think a lot of them will sort themselves out when I get to know the characters better. I hope so, anyway.

This week I’m going to be reading a lot of gothic novels. Mainly for my essay (which is due a week on Friday) but also because I’m hoping reading a lot of this kind of thing will inspire me or at least get me into that mindset. I’ll also do some exercises – flash fiction involving the characters but exploring areas of their past or aspects of their life that won’t be in the novel, not directly at least. Just to keep things ticking over.

Oh and I’m workshopping a couple of short stories and that radio play tomorrow, so that’ll be interesting.

It’s gonna be a busy week.


4 thoughts on “Work of Writing 2: The Plot Thickens

  1. I love finding new things on Wikipedia… except when you get sucked into researching and find it difficult to get back to the story! Those moon names are really neat, though!

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