Flash Fiction: Housekeeping

‘I just hate how it’s always left to me, you know?’ Sarah placed a plate on the drainer and began to wash another.

‘I know what you mean. It’s the same with me and Dan.’ Liz took the plate and started drying it.

‘I don’t mean he never does anything. He will if I ask him to but -.’

‘You’re lucky, then. Sometimes I’ll ask Dan to do something while I’m out and I’ll get home and-.’ Liz waved the dry plate.

‘Oh, plates go in that cupboard.’

‘Right.’ Liz put the plate away and reached for the next. ‘And he just says he forgot. I mean, come on.’

‘What pisses me off is the fact that we need to ask at all. It’s like it’s our responsibility or something. Because we’re women.’ Sarah scrubbed at the scrambled egg stuck to the pan.

‘I know. But it’s the way they were brought up, isn’t it. You know I went to Dan’s for Christmas?’

Sarah paused scrubbing to tuck her hair behind her ears. ‘Yeah?’

‘Well…’ Liz watched her friend battle with the pan. ‘Do you want me to have a go?’

‘No, it’s OK.’ Sarah scrubbed so hard she splashed some water. Liz raised her eyebrows. ‘No, really. It’s getting there, now. What happened at Christmas?’

Liz settled her back against the counter and told Sarah about how Dan’s mum had done everything and no-one had offered to help. Except for Liz herself, of course. ‘And she didn’t seem to mind. I just don’t get it.’

‘It’s disgusting.’ Sarah placed the last pan on the drainer and told Liz to leave it when she reached for it. She’d need it in a minute to start the dinner. ‘John’ll want it ready when he gets home.’




4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Housekeeping

  1. Like the other commenters I loved the dialogue, it sounded so natural. And I think I have had this conversation multiple times with multiple friends. Well done!

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