Weekly Update: Birthdays

Another delayed weekly update post. No, I did not have the misfortune of another migraine, that would be plain evil. I was more pleasantly engaged. With birthdays.

This Friday will be my dad’s 60th birthday (!) and last Thursday we had a ‘do’ in Birmingham to celebrate. We went to this Burns’ Night Supper thing, not because my dad’s a big fan of Burns but because he’s a big fan of the entertainment at this particular shindig – The Mad Jocks and Englishmen. Apparently, he and my mum used to see them in a rugby club every week back when they lived in Birmingham.

So, me, J and my uncle drove down to Birmingham for the night and my mum and dad drove up. My dad must have thought they were just visiting my brother (who lives in Birmingham) because the whole 60th birthday party thing was a secret. My mum even invited his best man, who I’ve never met. He insisted he had met me, when I was tiny, but apparently that was my brother. Good to know you can’t tell the difference. Anyway, despite the lack of haggis, a good time was had by all, especially my dad.

That’s one birthday down. There was another. Yesterday was my Grandma’s 95th. Pretty impressive, right? She lives in Oldham so I got the bus up to see her and give her a card and eat some cake. I don’t think she did anything more extravagant than that, although they did have a chicken in for tea (that’s dinner to southerners like me and probably some of you.)

Oh, just in case you were worrying, I will write a Novel Journey post today. That means two blog posts in one day! What lucky, lucky people you are.


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