Weekly Update: On the Job

Last week I gave the whole ‘treating writing like a job’ thing a shot. We’re talking nine-to-five writing-related activities, here. With nine beginning whenever I was up and five being seven hours after that, excluding any breaks (seven because there’s an hour break in the nine-to-five workday, right?) So, to clarify, I worked for seven hours a day, writer-style from Monday to Friday.

Which would have gone great had J not seen on facebook that my friend F had free Northern Rail travel for the day and suggested he come to see us. Now, I’m not complaining, I hadn’t seen F for…well I’m not sure, maybe years, and he’s one of my closest friends. We lived together for three years while at uni so of course I wanted to see him. And it was great. I didn’t have a plan and I don’t know Manchester that well so we spent a lot of time wandering about not really knowing where to go or what to do. We searched for a coffee shop called Moocow without success, wandered about, found and had coffee and cake in the most decadent coffee shop ever, which had the atmosphere of a department store cafe/restaurant, decided to go to the art gallery, found the art gallery, which was shut on Mondays, wandered about past an amazing tea shop, kept wandering, found and browsed a cool gift shop/cafe, went to the loo in the Arndale, returned to the amazing tea shop, had tea, had more tea (since wandering the streets of Manchester had lost its charm by now) and returned F to the station.

It was a good day, even though when I went into this shop to buy Ambit they didn’t have it (Ambit’s website had said they sold it. Liars.) Still, I found the amazing tea shop. To which I will return.

The rest of the week went well work-wise. I took a half-day on Friday because I had to cook in time to go to the pub for R’s birthday, but that was the only time I slacked off. Except Monday. And the weekend, when I was supposed to finish Gormenghast. I was going to catch up on  Sunday (seeing as I spent Saturday with J, rather than working in the same room as him) but then I had a migraine. This is not fair, since I’d only had one two months ago and their normal frequency is once a year. And I’ve run out of magic migraine drugs so I couldn’t even get high while feeling like my head was being crushed and my stomach was trying to expel its contents. Not cool, migraine. Not cool.

Also, that’s why this blog post is a day late. I spent the entire of yesterday reading Gormenghast. And I finished, so IN YOUR FACE, MIGRAINE.

Sorry for the delay.


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