Weekly Update: Fussy Eater

I think I’ve become a fussy eater. I used to eat pretty much anything, except for a select few things that I had a specific dislike of – mushrooms, olives – but it seems my taste buds have developed, well, taste. If it’s too salty, they won’t like it. If there’s too much going on, resulting in a clashing of rich flavours, they won’t like it. If it’s cheap Chinese buffet food, they won’t like it. J, R and I went out for some Chinese buffet a couple of days ago and I couldn’t even fill myself because the food just wasn’t nice. It’s not so much that it was disgusting but more that it all kind of tasted the same and was fatty and greasy and I just didn’t want to put it in me. I thought about demanding my money back but didn’t because a) I’m too British for that and b) considering the fact that I had had a few platefuls (in order to try different dishes in an attempt to find something OK) it would probably be taking the piss. So I paid my £6.50 and went away unsatisfied. Back in the good old days I’d cram as much food into me as a could for the money – that’s what all-you-can-eat buffets are there for, right? Seems that those days are over.

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