Weekly Update: Christmas

This year I went to the pub on Christmas Eve for the first time. I expected it to be a merry experience – for everyone to be meeting and greeting old friends they had not seen in ages. Lots of hugging and laughing. I took a break to go to Midnight Mass and when I got back, everyone was angry. Shouting at each other, fighting in the streets, stomping off in a sulk. It was bizarre. My overall analyses was: never again. But I say that now…

Christmas itself was unusual in the fact that my brother and I cooked the dinner, so I spent most of the day in the kitchen making stuffing from scratch. It was an ambitious meal. I would not want to do it again, even though it did come out well. But, again, I say that now…

I still have one present to buy and a couple of cards to send. I’ve not been the most organised this year. But next year, all that will change.

But I say that now…

I guess what this really boils down to is the inevitability that surrounds Christmas. There is no escaping it: every year you think it will be different the next and every year it is the same. We are doomed to make the same mistakes every Christmas. But there’s something comforting in that. It’s familiar. Traditional. And people don’t like change.

So Merry Christmas, everybody. I hope you all had as good a Christmas as last year and the ones to come.

(P.S. Sorry I missed the last two blog posts (Novel Journey and Friday Flash) but, you know. it’s Christmas. I had a lot on.)




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