Weekly Update: One Down…

One of my assignments is done. Handed in. Out of my hands. Now the only thing between me and Christmas is the reading for tomorrow, a 4 hour seminar and the creative piece. After that it’ll be a mad flurry of packing, present buying and card sending. I’ll probably spend one day trying to do something ‘Christmassy’ in an attempt to get myself in the mood. It will probably fail but that doesn’t bother me any more. I’ve learned to enjoy Christmas for what it is: drinking in the morning; turkey roast dinner, including brussel sprouts; christmas cake and pudding and chocolate shorty; and sitting around feeling full and sleepy, trying to get drunk because ‘it’s Christmas’.

But I should stop before I use up all my pre-Christmas material. I’ve got to leave something for next week.

One more thing: vote. Specifically, for what you’d like me to blog about in the Wednesday slot. Although also in general. But you can find the poll here. It’s at a tie at the moment and if it remains a tie the whole point of the poll will cease to exist. I mean, if I end up making the decision. You know. So, do it.

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