Weekly Update: The Return

Just got back to St Andrews after a week in Manchester. I’ve already unpacked. If you know me, you’ll find that hard to believe. I find it hard to believe. But it’s true. The journey was OK, except for the fact that I foolishly chose to travel on Sunday. Here’s a tip for you all: never travel on a Sunday. You will have to get a bus part of the way. It’s inevitable. Fortunately for me, I bumped into some friends who had already managed to score a lift from another of our friends so I didn’t have to get a bus. But I should have. I guess I’ve cheated the rail-replacement bus. Maybe it will come after me, in a final destination kind of way. I hope not.

There was still much confusion over getting home, regarding the rail-replacement bus (let’s call it the r-r bus to save my fingers and your eyes). Last night the internet told me to get the 4.15pm to Kirkcaldy and get the bus from there. Today, it told me to get the same train to Inversomething and get the bus from there. I decided to go with the latest info. Only I cheated by getting the 3.55 train to Inversomething, hoping to get an earlier bus. This did not happen. When I got to Inversomething, I was expecting some kind of sign regarding the bus. There was none. However, the screen did tell of a bus to Dundee at 4.56 so I decided to wait for that. It was than 4.20. While I waited, several people went up to ask about getting to Leuchers (the train station nearest St Andrews) and the man at the desk did not seem to know any more than anyone else. He said something to one girl about Kirkcaldy and then said something about the bus to Dundee on the screen and just repeated that info to everyone else that asked afterwards. I got the sense that he didn’t really know anything about a bus to Dundee, though. Then a man sauntered up to his desk and said something along the lines of ‘is that bus running? Because I heard it’s been cancelled.’ I didn’t hear his response but he did not seem sure either way. This worried me. About 5 minutes later a train pulled up. After it had sat there for a couple of minutes, and was probably preparing to leave, the guy at the desk announced that anyone going to Leuchers or Dundee should get that train and change at Kirkcaldy. A frantic panic ensued in which most of the people in the waiting room grabbed their belongings and dashed for the train, myself included. For a horrible moment, I thought the train was going back the way I’d come about half an hour ago but I was not. I’d been mislead by a sign apparantly stuck on flashing ‘next stop Haymarket’ (which is basically Edinburgh). We made it to Kirkcaldy, where a woman was directing us to the bus.

This is when I bumped into those friends who said they’d got a lift.

So a special thanks to them, and especially Richard (who probably doesn’t read this, but still) for getting me home. I would have made it without you but it would have been much less comfortable. That bus was rammo.


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