Flash Fiction: Fireworks (contains strong language)

This is my Friday Flash…on Saturday. I had an essay deadline yesterday. Deal with it. Also, it is Guy Fawkes’ night tonight so this is more appropriate today.


She leaned into his body as the sky filled with fireworks and smoke. Muffled bangs punctuated the music blaring out into the crisp air. His arms were wrapped tightly around her. He kissed the smooth, golden hair on the back of her head.

She sighed.

He put his lips to her ear to whisper something. ‘Shit aren’t they.’

She nodded. ‘Can’t even see the fucking fireworks through all that smoke.’

‘Might not be such a bad thing, babe.’

She gave a little laugh. It ended in a snort as she recognised the song beginning to play. ‘Katy Perry? Really?’

‘Well, yeah. It’s the ultimate fireworks display song.’

She turned to face him, ignoring the feeble fireworks fizzling somewhere behind her. ‘I love you.’


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