Weekly Update: A Hat and Maupassant

Last week’s post was pretty much one big moan about how rubbish I felt. That was the last day I felt so bad – on Thursday I even felt well enough to start drinking again. So there we go – a miraculous recovery. I still have a cold but nothing more than that. I could probably even go to the library without causing a disturbance but I actually prefer to work at home. If you want to work, you won’t distract yourself, no matter where you are. I wish I’d remembered this before I bought the thermos but hey, it’s still good to have, right?

I’m guessing you all know I went to see Bon Iver on Saturday and, yeah, it was all right. I’ve covered that though so lets move on to…

My hat. I’m knitting a hat. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I am also about a third of the way through knitting a huge blanket (we’re talking double bed sized) but I’m taking a break from that to knit a hat. Kind of like taking a break from a novel to write a short story. I’m excited by this hat. Some would say too much. I don’t know, I just love finishing something so that you can wear it and say ‘yes I did make this.’

Another exciting thing that I did this week was to officially sign up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.) I have a plan for success as well: because my novel doesn’t have much of a plot yet, I’m going to buy a notebook with rip-out-able pages and write random scenes on them to be rearranged later. I’m hoping that the writing of one will spark more. I have a couple of ideas but, you know, not 30.

And then there’s Maupassant. It’s a fun name to say in an outrageous French accent. Go on – give it a go. Maupassant. Maupassant! MaupassAUNT! Baguette! Anyway, each week we have a set text for our Prose Seminars and a different person presents/leads the discussion on that text. This week it was my turn and the text was A Parisian Affair and Other Stories by, well Maupassant, obviously. It went OK. I’m a nervous person when it comes to this kind of thing but you can’t be nervous for the full 2 hours. I settled into it in about half an hour and yeah had some fun with it. I’m not sure what everyone else thought. John, my tutor, seemed pleased so I guess it went OK.

So that’s the week all wrapped up for you. I’m also workshopping again this week – emailed my story yesterday – and I’m really excited about that. Will let you know how it went next week.

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