Workshopping Part 2 and other news

You’ll be relieved to know that I have taken two big steps forward in my life this week. If you read last week’s entry, you’ll know that I had signed up to mailing lists for a few societies that I had no intention of ever taking part in but not to the one that I did want to be an active member of. Well, this week, I solved both these problems. That’s right, I am now on the mailing list for knitting soc but not for any others. What an achievement this is.

But this is supposed to be about last week’s workshop so I won’t stride off down that tangent any longer.

The workshop went well. It was useful. I think this is largely because I knew my story was crap as it was. It wasn’t like I thought it was good, yet, so it didn’t phase me that people found a lot of problems with it. They made lots of good points and I will certainly take the advice on board when I revise the story. I have a lot of options with it – a lot to play with. I might scrap the first draft and rewrite it from scratch. I might not. To be honest, I haven’t given it any time since then. But whatever I do I will take the suggestions I gained during workshop into consideration.

In other news my mouse is very hit and miss at the mo. Specifically, I’m referring to the right-click button. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t. So I’m doing a strange mouse/laptop in-built ‘mouse’ combo. It’s annoying.

I also lost a peeler and avoided buying potatoes for some time as a result. Until today, when I bought both potatoes and a new peeler. Today was a good day.

Oh and J visited me at the weekend but he’s gone now.


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