Weekly Update: Workshopping Part 1

Just to follow on from a couple of things I mentioned last week (so as not to leave anyone hanging): I have been getting a lot of ‘spam’ emails from societies and have not yet been bothered to ask them to remove me from their mailing lists. (I really should do that…) Funny thing is the one society I’ve actually been a part of and a (so far) active member is the one society who’s mailing list I am not on. It’s the knitting society – can’t remember if I mentioned last week but I missed their stall at the socmart (they were replaced by some ‘fashion’ thing) so never got on the list but my friend told me when they were meeting and I went along.

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

What I do want to talk about is workshopping. I wasn’t worried about workshopping because I’ve done it before and I guess I just expected the same kind of experience. In fact, I think worshopping might be the one ‘class’ that I’ll be the most comfortable in. It’s when I feel I have the most to say, anyway. I guess I’ve got out of the habit of thinking academically – i.e. analysing literature and the world around me. I’d more got into the habit of either enjoying or not enjoying something, without really thinking about why that was. OK, I’ve been reviewing but that takes a lot of planning and thought – I’m out of practice when it come to thinking of something on-the-spot in the seminar.

Anyway, my point is I just emailed my piece to be workshopped this week and it was a horrible feeling. It felt like submitting a story to a magazine or publishers that you know isn’t very good yet. You know it has potential but it’s just not ‘there’ (wherever that is.) I know they’re meant to be works-in-progress – what would be the point if it was perfect but at the same time I don’t want this to reflect on me, as a writer and I think it inevitably will to some degree. Also, I feel I’d get more out of the workshop if I was pretty happy with it – i.e. if I’d made all the changes I could make on my own. I don’t want people telling me something I know myself.

Well, I guess we’ll both get to see what happens. Only, I’ll know a bit sooner than you.


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