Flash Fiction: The Barred Window

Josh always used to laugh at the bars on the windows. ‘What do they think we’re gonna do?’ he would say. ‘Jump out? Do they really think people are that stupid – that they’d jump out a window?’

Of course he really knew that some people were that stupid, especially after several too many, but he also believed in evolution. In fact, he felt that there wasn’t enough evolution taking place in the modern world. It was something he’d have liked to have seen more of and dying from jumping out of a window would, he thought, be a great example. After all, a person who was stupid enough to jump out of a window was a person the world would be better off without.

No-one really noticed when the bar on one of the windows became loose. No-one even noticed when it was removed for repair. Josh certainly didn’t. Not until he slipped on an overlooked knob of butter next to said window and fell to his death.

It’s a shame he didn’t have time to reflect on the irony of his situation. He probably would have enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Barred Window

  1. when I was a child my bedroom windows had bars on them – maybe because I was an only child, but even at a tender age it just felt sooo wrong to my mind. Also there’s that award isn’t there named after Darwin for people who exit the world in the most ridiculous manner of accident or stupidity. Can’t remember what it’s called, but yours above would be right up there!

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